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Our Approach

At Radiant Waves Chiropractic, we search for the Root Cause of your health concerns.

If you are committed to investing in your health and ready to express who you are meant to be, then Radiant Waves Chiropractic is here to facilitate your journey.

We serve families through all stages of life. From babies struggling to breastfeed, to kiddos needing help focusing in school, to future moms looking to make their pregnancy more comfortable, to supporting moms and dads raising a healthy family.


What to Expect!

What to Expect During Your New Practice Member Exam:

First and foremost you can expect to be welcomed, listened to, and cared for. Radiant Waves Chiropractic is a connection-based, results-driven office. We use many different measures to assess your current state, and create custom care plans to help you not only feel better, but holistically improve your health for the long run.

The New Practice Member Path:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Your first visit to the office will give us the opportunity to connect with you and help you define your health goals.

At Radiant Waves Chiropractic, we care about your wellness goals and strive to help you surpass them. During this time we will ask that you provide as much detail as you can about your individual needs and concerns. This is an opportunity to discuss with your chiropractor exactly what brought you in, the outcomes you desire, and how chiropractic care can help you meet your goals.

Step 2: INSiGHT Neurological Scans

Our state-of the-art neurological scans will provide a deeper look into the root cause preventing you from reaching your health goals. This objective technology measures your ability to handle stress, how efficiently energy is utilized in your body, how well your brain signals transmit to and from your body, and how much care is needed to correct the root cause. Learn more about these scans here.

Step 3: Neuro-Spinal Analysis

The most detailed approach, we treat you like the individual you are; because every single spine and nervous system is 100% unique. The neuro-spinal exam is performed so that your chiropractor understands specifically how you function and locate the root cause of what you are experiencing. This step allows us to find any trapped stress in your nervous system preventing you from living your life to the fullest.


Step 4: Schedule Next Visit

We will then assist you in scheduling your next visit at a time that works best for you. We take the time to thoroughly assess the results of your Initial Consultation so we can create the most customized care plan that is as unique as you are. We take into account all of your history, goals, concerns and the results from your scans and neuro-spinal exam. 

Step 5: Doctor's Report & Plan

During visit #2, what we call a Report of Findings, you will receive a copy of your initial functional assessment results. The doctor will provide their analysis of the assessments and discuss what are the best steps moving forward to meet your health goals. You will receive a packet to take home that includes your comprehensive report and personalized plan. We will discuss which financial options best fit your needs. You will then receive your first gentle & specific chiropractic adjustment (where the magic begins.)

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