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Meet Your
RWC Family

Radiant Waves Care Team

We say “Meet Your Family” simply because that’s how we care for each and every one of our practice members, starting with their very first visit. While so much of traditional health care can feel cold, sterile, and impersonal– that is not the case here at RWC!

You’ll immediately be greeted with a warm smile, lots of excitement, and a big hello by an incredible Care Advocate at the front desk! From there, when you meet our world class Chiropractors, get ready for a personalized and you-centered approach.

Our doctors take the time to really listen to your concerns, take a thorough history, and work together with you to set some truly incredible goals for your child and family!


The story of struggle started as a child for Dr. Jodi. She was constantly getting sick, sinus infections and whatever viral bug was getting passed around her school. She lived in a cycle of sickness and antibiotics up until college. But the struggle didn't end there, it transformed into a bigger struggle. Rather than her usual respiratory infections, she found herself stuck in a cycle of bladder infections so painful that she couldn't go to classes, work or sports practice. Again, it seemed antibiotics were her only choice.

It wasn't until over two years of the bladder infections that she found neurologically-based chiropractic care. Her chiropractor knew she had UTI struggles before she ever told him! Consistent adjustments helped her nervous system and immune system function optimally and she never had bladder infections again! It was this moment that she knew she wanted to help others heal the natural way and so she became a chiropractor.

This is part of why Dr. Jodi is so passionate about providing hope, answers and healing for kids and families struggling with the same cycle of sickness. 



This may sound cheesy, but chiropractic truly change Dr. Lucas's life for the better. As a baby, Dr. Lucas was stuck in what we call The Perfect Storm of struggles. It started at birth when he was "stuck" in the birth canal and the doctors had to pull really hard on his head to get him out. His birth experience put so much stress on his nervous system that he was very fussy and unable to be consoled.

This nervous system stress transitioned into tantrum toddler years and trouble focusing in his school age years. It didn't end there for little Lucas. He was so wound up in his childhood that by the time he got to his teenage years he was absolutely exhausted and struggled to be motivated. That was until his mom took him to a chiropractor who recognized the root of his challenges- nervous system imbalance. 

He started getting adjusted and his entire life turned around. He was homecoming king, an All-American athlete and grew up to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Lucas has such a heart for families that are stuck in the storm and he is so inspired to help as many kids as possible, as early in life as possible so they can live to their full potential the same way he did after starting chiropractic care.

Dr. Lucas Chiropractor
KRISTY SAKELL - Care Advocate


 Born and raised in South Florida, Kristy is the woman who keeps RWC running! Kristy's favorite part of RWC is the family atmosphere. The moment you have your first phone call or walk in the front door you can expect to be treated like you're family! Kristy really enjoys making people smile and is always going above and beyond for anyone around her. 

You will find Kristy at our front desk ready to great you and your family with a smile. She will take the time to play with your kiddos or hold your baby while you get adjusted. She absolutely LOVES hearing about your progress and getting closer to reaching your goals. Make sure you let her know so she can celebrate with you. If you have any questions, Kristy is your go to gal!

Kristy Care Advocate
POSEY DAVES - Care Advocate


 Born in Honduras and raised in South Florida, Posey's favorite thing about RWC is its friendly and holistic approach to chiropractic care. She strongly believes in the importance of nervous system health, overall wellness, brain function, and body movement. Posey is not only a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, but she also has a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Her passion for promoting mind and body wellness influences her work both within and outside the office.

Posey, who has been a competitive athlete since a young age, started seeing chiropractors to support her athletic career. As a yoga teacher, she reconnected with chiropractic care, specifically with a specialist in brain and body function. Posey genuinely enjoys working with children and the entire family, as she believes that wellness is a holistic journey that involves the entire family system. If you ever want to geek out on the topics of movement, the brain, and the nervous system, feel free to have a friendly chat with Posey during your check-in or check-out!

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