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Conquering Recurring Sickness and Infections: My Personal Journey Through Chiropractic Care

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I remember the consistent cycle of recurring sickness I (Dr. Jodi) endured as a kid. I was one of those toddlers that always had a crusty, runny nose. Whenever my family would go on vacations I would always come home with some sort of infection. They did what they knew to do, took me to the urgent care and I would be put on some sort of antibiotics. Thankfully, the sickness would subside, at least temporarily.

When I got into middle school and high school it turned into recurring sinus infections. These were so frequent that I could just call my friend's mom who was a nurse and she'd call in a prescription for antibiotics for me without ever testing or seeing the doctor.

It seemed as though, the more antibiotics I took, the more frequently I got sick. I was stuck in a vicious cycle and couldn't see any way out of it. This cycle wasn't something I ever grew out of, but it actually evolved into more intense struggles throughout my college years.


During college, I would get these recurring, debilitating bladder infections that were so painful I couldn’t go to track practice, to work or to class. Every month I would make the painful drive to urgent care where they would prescribe me some form of antibiotics and it would go away… until the next month and I’d repeat the whole process.


After a while, I became immune to the antibiotics so they started prescribing me stronger antibiotics. Eventually my doctor told me that maybe I should see a urologist to get some answers. I was relieved when she referred me to a specialist.


After a few months of being on the urologist’s waitlist, they ran a few tests on me that took less than 5 minutes and told me that everything was fine, nothing was wrong with me, check out at the front desk and they’d send me a bill in the mail.  Everything was NOT fine. I was beyond frustrated, but with no other options I continued the cycle of bladder infections and antibiotics.


Until… I saw my chiropractor for a routine visit and he noticed that the same part of my nervous system was showing dysfunction at every appointment. He asked me, “Do you ever have any troubles with your urinary system?” DO I? How did he know? “Yes actually, I have recurring bladder infections. How did you know that?”


He didn’t seem surprised. He told me that my brain sends signals down my spinal cord and to every organ, tissue and cell in my body. I had trapped stress in my nervous system that was interfering with the signals that were meant for my bladder. He adjusted me differently on that day to restore the brain-body communication highway and I kid you not, I STOPPED HAVING BLADDER INFECTIONS! This was no coincidence.


This was when I discovered that I was meant to be a chiropractor. I wanted to help people heal themselves naturally and this was the perfect way to do just that. What I've learned from my own story and from witnessing so many other families going through struggles is that kids don't grow out of struggles, they grow into more intense struggles.


If reading this makes you think of something specific that you’re struggling with, head to our website and schedule your Initial Consultation. Let’s begin your healing journey together!

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