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From Fear to Fearless: Raegan's Journey to Conquering Anxiety and Nightmares

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

A girl receiving a gentle adjustment from the pediatric chiropractor

Before Raegan came to RWC she was complaining nearly every day of stomach pains. Her mom noticed that she would complain of her stomach hurting whenever she was asked to do something new or something she didn't like doing. Noticing this pattern her mom originally thought she was just making excuses to get out of doing things she didn't want to do, until it also started happening before activities that she was really excited about. On top of the stomach pains, Raegan would wake up every night with nightmares and struggled to go back to sleep on her own.

Raegan's mom was starting to get really concerned and so she took her to the medical doctor looking for answers. The doctors pressed around on her stomach and even did an ultrasound but they found nothing. Her parents were really starting to get worried and felt helpless not knowing how to help their child. They tried supplements, and cutting out certain foods to help her gut health but nothing was working.

Raegan's mom had been coming in for chiropractic care for hip issues and to help with her anxiety. With the results that she got for herself she felt that it would be a good idea to get Raegan scanned and see what was really going on inside. Raegan had already been coming to the office when her mom got adjusted and told her mom that Dr. Jodi and Dr. Lucas were the only doctors she wanted to see.

Raegan's INSiGHT scans revealed exactly what was causing her stomach pains and nightmares. It turns out that there was no dysfunction in her stomach at all! Her nervous system was overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, specifically her Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is responsible for turning OFF the fight or flight response. Raegan's Vagus Nerve was not able to do that causing her to live in survival mode and be anxious about the future. The Vagus Nerve controls several functions in the body including sleep and digestion (hello nightmares, poor sleep and stomach pains.)

Chiropractic care for kids is all about releasing stress that is trapped in their body and their nervous system. Gentle adjustments help improve the brain-body connection and decrease the overwhelming feelings kids experience with anxiety, ADHD or behavioral challenges.

Raegan started getting adjusted and within a week she stopped having nightmares and her sleep improved. After 3-4 weeks she stopped complaining of daily stomach pains! Her mom says that every once in a while she will have a stomach ache but only in warranted situations when stress was higher. The amazing thing is that Raegan is now able to be in tune with those feelings and begin to regulate and calm herself down.

We asked Raegan's mom what life looks like for Raegan now and she said, "Oh my gosh she LOVES Dr. Jodi and Dr. Lucas and getting adjusted. Before she was nervous to get on the table, and now she dives onto it before me! Her confidence has gone up so much since her anxiety has gone down. And she sleeps soundly through the night. Dr. Jodi and Dr. Lucas also helped teach Raegan about her own body and how to listen to it and pay attention to what is going on. She never had that awareness of her body before."

If you're considering chiropractic care for your child but you aren't sure if it's the right choice, here's some advice from Raegan's mom. "I totally get it, because I was hesitant too!!! And I was absolutely mind blown with how much Dr. Jodi and Dr. Lucas have helped not only my child, but me too! I had no idea how much help, peace and happiness we were going to find both physically and mentally! You guys have changed our lives!!"

Here's 3 ways you can take the next step for you family:

  1. Attend a FREE workshop in the office (usually once per month)

  2. Request an appointment for your child online or call our office 561-768-9034

  3. If you aren't local to the Jupiter, FL area you can find a chiropractor near you at

Little girl loves being at the chiropractor

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