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A Mother's Testimonial: How Calming the Nervous System Helped Prevent Her Child's Febrile Seizures

Updated: Jan 3

a young boy gets a gentle adjustment from a pediatric chiropractor

Okay so the title is a spoiler alert but this story is worth the read! Ethan is a super smart and fun loving kid. Ethan’s mom is all about natural health and was doing all the things to keep her son healthy but he was still having struggles with his immune system.

Ethan struggled with frequent sickness and when he got sick, it hit him hard. So hard that it would send him into febrile seizures. As parents, Ethan’s mom and dad hated seeing him like that and every time he’d have a seizure it would cause them to worry about their child and how these seizures might be affecting his brain.

It turns out that even though Ethan appeared to be mostly healthy, there was a key factor missing from his wellness lifestyle: a neurological component. Ethan’s nervous system was so overwhelmed from his busy lifestyle that it altered the way his brain and body interpreted his internal and external environment. The key part for Ethan's struggles is his internal environment.

Your body must perceive bacterial, viral or fungal “invaders” and tell the brain about it before the brain can alert the immune system fighters. When you’r

e stuck in fight or flight like Ethan was, the immune system gets a late notice on any invaders and it takes longer to kick the sick, and in Ethan’s case, it sent him into febrile seizures.

On Ethan’s Insight Nervous System scans it showed that his nervous system was entirely overwhelmed and imbalanced. It was no surprise that he was storing the most amount of stress in the regions that control and coordinate his immune system.

Ethan began getting adjusted at RWC for chiropractic care and his body responded so well! He would still get sick but he was kicking it quicker and most importantly, he never had a seizure again!

At his progress assessment, his nervous system looked completely different on the Insight scans. His nervous system was more balanced, more organized and much less stressed in his nervous system. His scans showed that there was no extra stress in the immune system region.

He is still continuing to progress and de-stress his nervous system. His family notices a big difference between when he started chiropractic care and now and are so grateful that Ethan has been seizure-free for 8 months!

If this sounds like something your family needs support with don’t hesitate to call us at 561-768-9034 or request an appointment on our website. We can’t wait to serve your family.


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