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Overcoming Anxiety and Injury: One Woman's Journey to Thriving

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

a woman receives a chiropractic adjustment

Lindsey is a mom that came to our office after exhausting all other options that had failed her. Lindsey had been having hip pain from a kickboxing injury that was impacting her livelihood. She's a personal trainer and was not even able to move her body and work out. Her MRI showed that she had a torn labrum and that she needed to be scheduled for surgical repair. The earliest they could schedule her was 4 months out. Lindsey did not want surgery so she was on a mission to heal her body before then.


Not only was this affecting her physical body but tremendously impacting her mental health. For years, the only healthy way she knew to work through her anxiety was through physical exercise. Her anxieties were now left to circulate in her brain and body with no outlet of release. You can imagine how this would affect her personal life, her marriage and her role as a parent.


After her initial exam with her neurological scans she was super excited to learn about her nervous system and how we could work together to help her heal. Her scans showed us that her brain was so overwhelmed by anxiety and stress that her body had no energy left to focus on healing her hip. She had faith that chiropractic could definitely help with her anxiety but was skeptical that her hip would be healed. How could adjustments help with a torn labrum?


She was fully committed to care and showed up for her appointments consistently. She was seeing results FAST! Her anxiety was improving immensely, and to her surprise, her hip pain was decreasing little by little until she had no more pain or limitations! After only 1 month of care, she called her surgeon to cancel her surgery because she was healed! 

After witnessing her own results, she knew she couldn't keep this to herself. Her 5 year old daughter started chiropractic care because of anxiety related stomach pains, nightmares, and behavioral struggles. Her daughter is thriving and having no more stomach pains, sleeping through the night without nightmares, and is working on making logical behavior choices rather than stressed/survival behavior choices.

If you have some physical or mental struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself, we want to hep you level up! Head to to request your initial consultation today!

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