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How Colin Overcame Behavioral Challenges: A Mother's Testimonial

Updated: Apr 9

A young boy gets his first chiropractic adjustment

If you're a parent with a behavior-challenged kiddo, you know how frustrating and isolating it can be. Your child's behavior doesn't make any sense, you can't seem to reason with them and maybe you've given up hope that anything can change. We hear you, and you're not alone. That is exactly the place that Colin's mom was in before her son started chiropractic care at RWC.

"We came for our initial visit because of my headaches and my older son's sway in his back. I had no clue that Chiropractic could help with Colin's behavior. Before finding Radiant Waves, Colin was very volatile and inconsistent in his behavior. The smallest thing would set him off even though he was usually a pretty happy kid. He would range from fighting me tooth and nail over brushing his teeth or cleaning his room, to running away from his coaches into the woods at his PE program. It felt hopeless. We couldn't pinpoint the issue. The only thing we could narrow it down to was anything he didn't like or didn't want to do triggered him. Which, at 8 years old, is pretty much anything that isn't fun."

Feeling like you're walking on eggshells with your child to prevent a meltdown or bad behavior is not the way you want to live your life. Maybe you've tried everything from diet changes, therapies, medications, discipline and parenting styles but it still feels like something is missing.

What we know is that every part of life experience (physical, mental + emotional) is controlled by the nervous system. When it comes to finding the root of challenges we always look to the nervous system first! At Radiant Waves, we have state-of-the-art nervous system scans that help us see the health of your kiddo's nervous system. When it comes to behavior, we specifically focus on the Vagus Nerve and fight-or-flight response.

Our HRV scan measures the Vagus Nerve to see if your child is stuck in fight-or-flight (survival mode.) If a kiddo is in survival mode, any inconvenience or stressful situation can tip them into a meltdown or behavior challenge.

Nervous system scans help us customize care
HRV shows that this kiddo is stuck in fight-or-flight

"When I saw Colin's scans, I was overwhelmed to tears. I knew that Colin had a good heart and was strong willed but I never realized that his brain could be having difficulty processing what what happening to him. It gave me empathy for him and helped us approach the flare ups differently. Now knowing he was in constant fight of flight made so much sense."

With Colin's chiropractic care, we focused on activating his Vagus Nerve and calming his nervous system. With neurological challenges like behavior, anxiety and sensory processing, it's important to remember that big changes take patience and persistence. In Colin's case, his mom noticed gradual changes and improvements along the way.

"Within the first couple of weeks, we began to see improvement. After the 1st month, it was very apparent that our house was more peaceful! It was almost like you could see his brain process things before he reacted. His reactions became smaller and smaller till they were non-existent for the most part. My parents used to live with us, and about 2 years ago they moved away. They came to visit us 6 weeks into our care plan and were blown away by how different Colin was. It was mind-blowing for them."

When we can focus on the root of the issue (the nervous system), we find answers and experience the results that you've always hoped for. Since Colin has been getting adjusted regularly his mom says that he is the kid that they always knew he could be. "He's a fun-loving, smart, silly kid who loves to joke around! He still doesn't like losing at games or cleaning up his room, but his reactions are more appropriate, and he can be reasoned with and talk things through."

Colin had been to other chiropractors before, but it wasn't the same type of high level neurologically-focused care that RWC offers. If you are a parent that feels like something is missing and you know that your child needs support, here are some next steps for you.

  1. Attend the next Perfect Storm Workshop at RWC.

  2. Book your child's scans by calling or texting 561-768-9034

  3. Book online at

If you're not local to the Jupiter, FL area we'd love to have you check out a directory of neuro-focused pediatric chiropractors at Every Kid Counts!

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