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Nate's Journey: Overcoming Developmental Delays and Learning Challenges

Updated: Apr 9

Nate is a 16 years old who came to us after his parents had tried everything they could think of to help him. He struggled with global developmental delays since birth that eventually led to an Autism diagnosis. These delays resulted in him experiencing learning challenges in school and his executive function abilities were almost non-existent. School work was always a struggle and he wouldn't be able to stay on task without fatigue. His mom would ask him over and over to complete his homework and he would just put his head down on the table due to the overwhelm he experienced. He really desired his schedule to be routine and rigid. Situations outside of his routine would result in a meltdown or complete shut down.

Nate's parents have just learned to deal with it and accept that this was just the way it was going to be forever. They had to fight every year to keep him in special education classes for academics, but still keep him involved in mainstream activities for the social aspects of school. His mom felt defeated about him ever "fitting in somewhere" because Nate always seemed to be just outside of any of the typical options. His parents tried Speech Therapy, PT, and OT for years but gave up and figured he would go through the motions of school but not really be successful in the subjects.

His parents brought him to Radiant Waves Chiropractic, and what we found on his INSiGHT neurological scans was that Nate has been stuck in fight-or-flight for most of his life. Living life in fight-or-flight makes it difficult for the brain to make new connections and learn new skills which is why he's had delayed developmental milestones. This also causes him to live in what we call survival mode and explains his experience with exhaustion, lack of motivation and overwhelm.

With what we learned from his history and his neurological scans, we created a custom chiropractic care plan designed to get him out of fight-or-flight and help him reach the goals that seemed impossible to his parents.

After starting with chiropractic care with Dr. Lucas, Nate's parents noticed a strengthening of his mental capability and even a maturity and clarity in his thinking that wasn't there before. Instead of constantly being in fight or flight to just function, Nate's parents say he is able to do and even enjoy his school work! He is now working independently; staying on task; able to retain information! His mom used to have to ask him multiple times to do his homework and now he does it without even being asked. He isn't getting overwhelmed and doesn't put his head down when doing his homework or when he is in restaurants or loud places anymore. He actually participates during gym and recess! These are all things he would not do before chiropractic care because of the required thinking and multitasking along with fast paced environment.

Mom says that just a couple of weeks into Nate's care plan, she and her husband noticed a difference in his overall wellbeing. "When we began to get positive feedback from teachers at school on a weekly basis is when things really clicked for us and we knew he was not doing anything different besides chiropractic care!" Nate's mom says, "Not without difficulty, but I feel he has blossomed and feels so much more confident in himself because he can participate in the daily things the other kids are doing without just trying to survive! He spends time with us and gets involved in family conversations that he wouldn't do before because he would feel mentally exhausted trying to keep up. Playing kickball or raising his hand to answer a question in class are two things that make my heart melt!"

Chiropractic care is designed to release nervous system stress that's being stored in the body. This helps get the brain out of fight-or-flight and even respond and recover to new stressors that your child may experience throughout daily life. With consistent, gentle adjustments we're able to see kids get their life back and thrive!

Nate's mom has some advice if you're hesitant to start care for your child, "I would say to try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain to see the true brain body connection be reset! Dr. Lucas and Dr. Jodi are a bonus because of how they truly care for their clients wellbeing! Besides that-its all on paper when you see the scans and the progress!"

If you are considering chiropractic care for your child here are 4 next steps you can take:

1. Attend a FREE workshop at our office (You'll love The Perfect Storm Workshop!)

2. Call/Text one of our Care Advocates and see if your child is a good fit 561-768-9034

3. Book an appointment online at

4. If you're not local to the Jupiter, FL area you can find a neurologically based pediatric chiropractor near you at

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