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Boost Your Immune System: Understanding the Link between the Nervous System and Your Health

Updated: 5 days ago

Lately it seems that there's always another "bug" floating around whether it be the flu, a stomach bug, colds, or even the C-word. When your kids get sick it puts a pause on your whole life! How much life are you missing out on because of frequent illness in your family?

We want to empower you to make choices that actually boost your immune system. There's the general recommendations like eating healthy, staying hydrated, getting sunlight, taking your vitamins, etc. But did you know that chiropractic care can help you fight sickness faster and even prevent sickness altogether? Keep reading and we will explain how!

Let's first talk about why your kid's immune system could be suffering in the first place. The simple answer: stress. But if you've read our previous blogpost on stress you know that stress comes in many forms.

  • Mental/Emotional stress: anxiety, overwhelm, sensory overload, etc.

  • Physical stress: posture, injuries/accidents, repetitive movements

  • Chemical stress: food, dehydration, medications, toxins

The more stress your kids have, the more overwhelmed their brain and nervous system are. When the brain is overwhelmed, it prioritizes functions needed for survival and puts a pause on other functions aka your kiddo's immune system. Studies show that the immune system is 100% linked to the nervous system

So how can you combat the stress that is attacking your family's immune system? Decrease stress by reducing the mental, physical and chemical factors AND most importantly by receiving consistent chiropractic care.

Pediatric chiropractic care is focused on the function of your child's brain and nervous system. We find where their body is storing stress and gently help them unwind and release the stress so that the brain and body can communicate more clearly.

As stress of all kinds is increasing throughout the fall and winter holidays (hello sugar and overwhelm) it is doubly important that your entire family is boosting the immune system by utilizing chiropractic care. Learn more about the science behind this by checking out our free webinar

Head to our website to learn how to book your Initial Consultation at and we will see you in the office soon!

a young boy gets a gentle adjustment from a pediatric chiropractor


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