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Managing Stress During Pregnancy: Protecting Your Baby's Wellbeing

Updated: Apr 9

Chiropractic and pregnancy were made to go together! Utilizing chiropractic care during pregnancy will set you up for a more comfortable pregnancy, better birth outcomes, and most importantly optimized nervous system function.

Here's why most women utilize chiropractic care during pregnancy:

- Improved pelvic alignment

- Optimal baby positioning

- Better posture

- Increased comfort

- Decreased labor times

- Better birth outcomes

- Reduced nausea and acid reflux

- Improved adaptability to stress

That last one is key: improved adaptability to stress. What does that even mean? Significant emotional and mental stress is clinically documented in over 50% of pregnancies. Maternal stress during pregnancy is rough on the mother but it is also passed on to baby. That's right. You probably don't remember your first stress because it occurred before you were even born!

Chiropractic helps with stress adaptability by improving nervous system function and releasing any stored stress in the nervous system. The less stress you're storing, the more stress you are capable of handling. Prenatal chiropractic is so important for both mom and baby. Added bonus: there are special techniques and tools utilized to adjust pregnant women. These means you can safely and comfortably lay on your stomach during your appointment! These techniques address a mother's pelvis, round ligaments, hip flexors and more to ensure proper alignment and function.

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