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Improving Pregnancy Wellness: 9 Benefits of Starting Chiropractic Care Early

Updated: Apr 9

a pregnant woman receives a gentle chiropractic adjustment

One of my pregnant mamas gave birth recently and at her first postpartum adjustment she said to me, "I know that if I didn't get chiropractic care I would've had to get a C-section that I didn't want. Because of care I was able to deliver my baby vaginally the way I wanted to and I am so grateful."

So you're pregnant, or hoping to be pregnant soon. What now?

Sure it's time to prepare your birth plan, build a registry, and find your birth providers. But when is the right time to start chiropractic care? And what are the risks & benefits?

The one complaint I get from my pregnant clients is, "I wish I would have started care sooner!" Because these mamas are finally enjoying their pregnancy in a way they didn't know was possible.

So when is the best time to start care? Prior to conception. This boosts your fertility and increases your chances of actually getting pregnant AND it sets your body up to create an ideal environment to grow your precious little babe.

If you're already pregnant, don't stress. The next best time to start is now, ASAP, pronto, immediately! The sooner you start your chiropractic care in pregnancy, the sooner you get to start enjoying the benefits. Speaking of benefits, here's what many of our pregnant mamas report experiencing from chiropractic care:

  • No more back pain, pubic pain, sciatica, or round ligament pain

  • Reduced morning sickness

  • Mental clarity/less brain fog aka pregnancy brain

  • Better sleep

  • Shorter labor times

  • Less birth interventions

  • Improved postpartum experience

  • Optimal baby positioning

  • Decreased stress & anxiety

And the risks:

  • Slight soreness after your first adjustment

  • ...that's really about it

We have such a passion for caring for pregnant mamas because THIS is where your baby's foundation for health begins. A happy, healthy mama increases the chances of having a happy, healthy baby. And healthy, happy families is the whole reason we do what we do.

If you're pregnant or TTC, please don't wait until you're miserable to seek out chiropractic care. Here are 3 next steps for you:

  1. Check out our free Bumps, Birth + Babies webinar

  2. Book an appointment for yourself

  3. Give us a call to see if our care is a good fit for you 561-768-9034


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